A clear way forward

The world has changed and your needs have changed with it. To respond to these new challenges, we have placed our clients at the centre of our vision and conceived a new type of wealth management company, one that is resolutely focused on the future but grounded in the venerable Swiss banking tradition.

A vision of the future rooted in a long-standing tradition

In creating Forum Finance we have returned to the origins of Geneva's private banking heritage to offer you a personalised and attentive management service, capable of responding to the challenges of tomorrow while applying today's state-of-the-art management techniques.


« Before setting out, we need
to know where we're heading »


Our only reference – you

Our sole aim is to provide you with effective and efficient solutions that genuinely meet your requirements.

Our investment management strategy is guided only by your personal circumstances, your risk profile, your aspirations and your time horizon.

Because ultimately the true measure of our success is your satisfaction.

An investment management strategy tailored to the constraints of today

In a scenario of weak activity and rock-bottom interest rates, we manage your assets using all the most sophisticated instruments to build efficient tax-optimised portfolios and control volatility.