All the advantages of independent wealth management

We offer you all the recognised benefits of independent wealth management, with no conflicts of interest, an outstanding service, dedication to one activity only, and freedom of choice of custodian bank.

We offer you 100% impartial advice

We provide transparent and impartial wealth management services with no conflicts of interest.
Our investment decisions are dictated solely by our convictions and by our determination to achieve the best results for you.


"Our interests are fully aligned with yours.”


A highly attentive service

Our human touch and our commitment to the long term form the cornerstones of a deeper and more personal relationship. This guarantees the quality of service you are entitled to expect.

The expertise of a specialist

As pure investment specialists, we devote all our efforts and resources to managing your wealth.

Thanks to our 22 years of history and our teams' hundreds of years of accumulated experience, we have developed a proven expertise and a thorough knowledge of the whole array of available investments.

Over the years we have built up an extensive network of experts and partners to be able to offer you appropriate and efficient solutions that go far beyond mere portfolio management.

The freedom to choose your own custodian bank

With Forum Finance, you have total freedom to choose your custodian bank, so you can maintain your current relationship or opt for one of the numerous leading banks with whom we have negotiated preferential conditions.