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An active player in wealth management consolidation

mai 2016

A decisive step towards a new future

Forum Finance Group: the company is awarded the LPCC licence and declares itself open to new managers.

A paralyzing regulatory environment and exorbitant costs – is it the end for independent wealth management? You could be forgiven for thinking so if it wasn’t for the fact that some firms have taken the bull by the horns and made the first leap forward. Following the awarding of with the awarding of the licence de gestionnaire de placement collectif The Forum Finance Group has signalled clearly that it is prepared to face the new order by positioning itself amongst the half-dozen Geneva-based firms ready for the future. I interviewed two of the five partners, Etienne Gounod and Egon Vorfeld.

New Association for larger wealth managers

mai 2016

Given the rapid pace of technological and regulatory developments, a constant exchange of experience and know-how is critical to business success. Against this background, fourteen leading Swiss wealth managers have established the 'Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers' (ASWM).

The new Alliance offers its members a platform to identify, discuss and deal with current developments on diverse topics such as regulation, new financial products or infrastructure solutions. The ASWM does not consider itself to be a political force. Rather, it will focus on the exchange of know-how among its members.